Karelle Samuda

Karelle Samuda, PhD       

Chief Methodologist & Director of Research


Karelle Samuda currently serves as a Policy Analyst in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service where she provides policy analysis on a variety of issues to the Minister.


Karelle’s research interests are drawn from the fields of public policy, governance, and international development. Her work to-date examines the political economy of MP spending in constituencies, the interaction between African countries and international institutions, and participatory approaches to improving governance in public budgeting.


Karelle has worked at the World Bank where she co-authored a regional study on the link between natural resource wealth and investing in human development in sub-Saharan Africa. She has also worked at one of Washington DC’s leading think tanks on foreign aid and international development. She has had the good fortune to have spent some time in Senegal through her work with on youth leadership with a US-based NGO.


Karelle has a PhD in Public Policy from George Mason University, Virginia USA; a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA; and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from Washington & Lee University, Virginia, USA.