Highlights Research and Strategic Management Solutions (HRSMS) is the region’s newest research and strategic management consultancy for individuals and entities aspiring to be more competitive and efficient in the world of technology and business. HRSMS specializes in:

  • Human Capital Development/Talent Management;  
  • Digital Transformation;
  • Data Analysis;
  • Business  Development and Optimization;
  • Transformational Leadership; and
  • Strategic Management.


HRSMS through its CAUCUS provides analysis on strategic issues using a range of decision making and risk management tools including: classification of potential scenarios, identification and evaluation of alternatives using real options valuation and other techniques. CAUCUS collates and analyzes data to undertake effective forecasting and the monitoring and evaluation of programmes and initiatives.

OUR Values


Highlights Research is a nesting ground for the ecology of innovation which connects and creates an enabling environment for efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability with customer-centricity and business optimization.


To be the dynamic and innovative choice in providing insightful, high quality, and data-driven solutions for impactful, sustainable development.


Our mission is to exceed clients’ expectations by providing high quality research, strategic advisory and management-related solutions to shape creativity and innovation.